[unitaryhack] a quantum simulator in PyTorch #1225

Raised PR for Pytorch-support.
Need help to understand things in following items.
Pending Items:

  1. Require more information for tf.linalg.diag() alternate for def CRot(a, b, c) in (pennylane/devices/pt_ops.py)
  2. Require support for Function-Doc pennylane/devices/default_qubit_pt.py
  3. Require support for tf.GradientTape() , What alternative can be used for Pytorch. --> (tests/devices/test_default_qubit_pt.py)

Should discuss issue here or at Github/
PR URL: https://github.com/PennyLaneAI/pennylane/pull/1351

Hi @arshpreetsingh,

Thanks for contributing to PennyLane. You are right, since this is more a software-development oriented discussion, I recommend using github to follow up with your questions.

Thank you!

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