Trainable quantum and classical algorithm Neural Networks w/ PennyLane/NumPy

Hello, Will there be tools to train quantum and classical algorithm Neural Networks using only PennyLane/NumPy?

Hey @kevinkawchak,

What tools would you be looking for, specifically? Do the workflows we allow users to create have something that you feel is missing?

Hello, are there use cases effectively applying NumPy as the basis for neural network architectures and PennyLane for quantum circuits similar to ’ Turning quantum nodes into Keras Layers’ or ’ Turning quantum nodes into Torch Layers’? Thank you.

Definitely! Have a look at here, Gradients and training — PennyLane 0.33.0 documentation. There’s also a demo that doesn’t use torch or tensorflow (uses autograd): Quantum natural gradient | PennyLane Demos. Let me know if this helps!

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