Short question about lightning.gpu device

Hello! Just a short question about lightning.gpu device.

“Is lightning.gpu device basically a pure state simulator?”

thanks in advance!

Hi @ckckdud3 ,

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Yes, lightning.gpu is a pure state (Statevector) simulator. You can learn more about PennyLane simulators at the bottom of our performance page. Were you looking for a specific simulator?

Thanks for answering! I appreciate it :smile:

I have been conducting experiments on quantum machine learning according to various schemes so far, and I found the training time to be slow! I thought the lightning.gpu device was a mixed state device. However, after referring to the mentioned reference and your response, I discovered that the lightning.gpu device is effective for more than about 20 qubits. Since I am currently experimenting with a much smaller number of qubits, I resolved this issue by using the default.qubit device.

Again, Thanks a lot!

I’m glad to hear @ckckdud3 !