Regression using qubits

is there any alternative qubit code to this paper ?

Hi Kareem.

That model is very particular to the photonic CV architecture, so there is no fully equivalent qubit version.

There are several alternative architectures for qubit-based “Quantum Neural Networks” though. Most of these are just papers though, I don’t know offhand of any specific published code examples.


Thanks sir.

Can you please tell me how to cite this paper and who is the leading author?
Besides that, can you please describe the behaviour of the Kerr gate as the activation function and how does the weight initialisation affect the results? Considering measurement of the x quadrature

Hi @kareem_essafty,

The Kerr interaction performs a non-linear transformation of the phase-space. This distinguishes it from the linear Gaussian operations, which simply map Gaussian states to new Gaussian states in the phase-space.

For more details, check out our new guide to quantum neural networks:

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