Question to variational quantum circuit

I have a question about the following code: Turning quantum nodes into Torch Layers — PennyLane documentation

The input size of the quantum circuit is [0, 2*pi] for each wire, correct? And the output size of the quantum circuit is [-1,1] for each wire, or? Some use general rotations with three parameters. Is there an advantage over rotations only in the x direction, for example, in the variational quantum circuit?


Hi @eisenmsi Good question!
Regarding the first part is correct, the input is in [0, 2pi] and the output in [-1,1].
There is no single best embedding. Depending on the dataset could be better to use one or another.
A nice thing about coding only with X-rotations instead of U3 is that you guarantee that different inputs generate different states. In U3 you might find that this is not always the case :slight_smile:

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