Quantum Transfer Learning

Hi ! I am actually building model in which we have 5 different classes of data and I use same which was given in Pannylane notebook. But its seems not perfectly work for me …

In this note book there is just 2 classes of data is used like : Ants and Bees

But I want to apply it on 5 classes of data : So Does i need to do some modification in my code you can check my code in link below:
Here is my code:

Hi @M_Umer_Yasin — Welcome to the forum! Certainly if you need to classify objects into more bins you will have to do at least some modifications on the tutorial.

Can you send me some thing from which I can get an idea ?

Hi @M_Umer_Yasin,

There are a number of ways you could do multi-class classification. One approach that is taken in the Multiclass margin classifier demo (not the only way) is to use multiple binary classfiers, where the binary choice to be made is “is it in class X or not in class X?”