Quantum Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

Can dynamics of classical HMC be simulated on pennylane? I means by using the times evolution function?


Hello @wing_chen,

Some information on qml.QuantumMonteCarlo classes: qml.QuantumMonteCarlo — PennyLane 0.32.0-dev documentation
qml.QuantumMonteCarlo — PennyLane 0.31.1 documentation

This demo describes using Monte Carlo to calculate finite-shot estimates of observables. Quantum Circuit Cutting

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Thanks you,
but I have different question: can a quantum cricuit be used to solve the Hamiltonian instead of a differntial equation? I mean represent H as Pauli terms.


Hi @wing_chen,

The quantum_monte_carlo transform is intended for use when you already have set up the circuit for performing the unitary F in this paper. This transform is compatible with resource estimation and potential hardware implementation. The QuantumMonteCarlo template is only compatible with simulators, but may perform faster and is suited to quick prototyping.

If you want to implement the paper you might also find the qml.apply_controlled_Q function useful.

Regarding your second question, maybe you will find the information and examples in qml.pauli and qml.Hamiltonian useful too.

Does this answer your question?

Thank you for sharing these great resources @kevinkawchak !

You’re welcome. Best regards.