Quantum embeddings for machine learning

Just spotted following paper:

Quantum embeddings for machine learning

Need to know where to find code implementation for the same.

Hi @arshpreetsingh, thanks for your question.

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t any publicly-available code replicating the calculations done in that paper. However, I believe it should not be too difficult to reproduce the main ideas.

Perhaps what you’ll find most useful are the various embedding templates available in PennyLane, which includes the QAOA embedding used in the paper.

I tried to run that algorithm last summer, but it was flawed, so they took the demo down from the platform.


Hi @_risto, yes that’s right. We’re working in the meantime to update the demo and make it available :slight_smile:

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Hi @josh, Please let me know if any kind of contributions will be required for this task, it will help to learn things faster.

I will keep that in mind @arshpreetsingh! At the moment, it is more of a research problem that a member of the team is working on.

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