qml.StatePrep() no attribute error

I have asked on PennyLane discord #code-911 and was redirected here. I was following this tutorial

I attempted to translate Qiskit Quantum teleportation code into Pennylane to practice my Pennylane knowledge and become comfortable. I encountered an weird error that ```qml.StatePrep`` was not a pennylane attribute.

I checked on PennyLane docs and StatePrep was a valid API endpoint. Even VS Code suggests StatePrep and does not produce and show any errors. Only Python runtime catches this error.

PennyLane team-member: Ivana asked what wires=“S” mean. I had the same question. Since I thought we define qubits in Pennylane through numerical value (0, 1, 2, 3). I don’t have experience defining qubits in variables.

I will appreciate if someone can help me out.

Hi @sleepingcat4 , thanks for posting on the forum!
Could you please add the missing information so our team can help? :slight_smile:

We need the minimal version of your code that runs and reproduces the error, as well as the error output. You should also add the output of qml.about(), so we know which version you’re using etc. Otherwise all we can do is guess (as I tried guessing on Discord), which may or may not help you… :sweat_smile: