Pylint check error during contribution

I want to contribute to pennylane. Here is my pull request:
In my code, I need to use ‘qml.ops.qubit.attributes’
and pylint misunderstands this as an error, so I don’t pass the check. The existing code also has similar problems when it using ‘qml.ops.qubit.attributes’ and it mentions the problem is caused by pylint misunderstanding.

I want to know how can I skip the pylink check?

Hi @Xiaoran, welcome to the forum!

Thank you for posting your question here. And sorry that we didn’t give you an answer in the PR!

I believe ‘qml.ops.qubit.attributes’ was changed in the latest versions of PennyLane. What version are you using?

Could you please post the output of qml.about()?

And it’s really cool that you’re creating a contribution for PennyLane!