Pennylane-qulacs gpu

I first installed qulacs-gpu and then pennylane-qulacs. after that when I wanted to use the gpu version of qualcs I couldn’t. so, what type of backend does the plugin provide
thanks in advance

hi again, I made a simple solution to this:
first i forked the repo from Xanadu’s repository, second I just updated the setup file to include the gpu package if cuda is detected in the environment. I tested this on my device which is pure CPU and it worked perfectly and also tested it on google colab and it worked fine. but please after running this command line on colab:

pip install git+

new fork
just restart the environment because pennylane requires semantic version 2.6 and colab has 2.8
if I’m allowed to do a pull request, it will be great

thanks in advance

Hi @kareem_essafty ,

Thanks so much for reaching out! Yes, you would indeed need the qulacs-gpu package to have the option of running your code on a GPU when using pip install.

Great job, nice that you went for the solution! We’ll be getting back to you on how to make a PR soon.


Hi @kareem_essafty,

Feel free to make a PR in the pennylane-qulacs repository as described at Research and contribution.

It is worth noting, however, that the pennylane-qulacs plugin is for now still in an experimental phase and therefore results obtained using it might not correspond to the expected outcomes.

Let me know if you have further questions or if there is anything we could help out with!


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thanks a lot for allowing me to create a pull request.
here is the pull
and i’ll consider it as a temp solution for now
thanks again