Pennylane-qiskit IBMQ does not allow for batching circuits?

I’m experimenting with variational classifier which I have trained and obtained the optimal parameters. I wanted to score my trained model on the IBMQ cloud service, the following code contains the predict function for a set of data:

def predict(X,y,params):
    predicted_labels = [np.sign(variational_classifier(params, x=x)) for x in X]
    return predicted_labels, accuracy(y,predicted_labels)

I’ve already experimented with the IBMQ experience on qiskit and you can send a list of compiled circuits to the cloud as usually the quantum processors would be able to take up to 75 experiments at once in a single job submission. Can I work with batched circuits modifying my code or am I constrained to score a single example for a IBMQ job?

Thanks you very much!

Hi @RicardoGaGu,

If I understand correctly, you would like to submit a batch of independent jobs to IBMQ as a single batch?

Unfortunately this is not yet supported by the PennyLane-qiskit plugin, but thanks for bringing it to our attention! This is definitely a feature we would like to support.

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