Pennylane cloud platform problem: Invalid response: 405

When I try to save a file in the cloud platform it appears: Invalid response: 405.


Also my pip doesn’t seem to be working, not enough storage after the upgrade, not installed successfully
Is it possible to give users more storage space or more permissions? Thanks to Pennylane.

Hi @RX1 ,

I will forward this question to our Cloud developers.

Qiskit is already pre-installed in the PennyLane kernel so if you make sure to use that kernel (top right of your notebook) then you don’t need to install it again. Please let me know if this allows you to move forward with your project.

Hello, is it possible to allocate a little more storage space for me? I want to try distributed QML training, which will involve multiple quantum circuits trained in concert. This task requires monitoring some global variables. This may require a larger storage. Thanks.

I would also like to know the approximate amount of resources allocated to the user by the cloud platform.

Hi @RX1 ,

You have 1GB of storage. Unfortunately we aren’t able to increase that. You can delete some files or uninstall some python packages. This will release memory.

I hope this helps.

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