Lightning.gpu and Nvidia cuQuantum on AMD GPU

Hello , I have a “kind” of issue (not really). I try to use lightning.gpu and I check for the requirement and the problem is the cuQuantum SDK and the CUDA SDK is needed.
I have a AMD Radeon RX 500 series and I try AMD ROCm and HIP for CUDA 6.0 but I ask just for the cuQuantum it works ?
Thanks :+1:

Hi @reinkaos, welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately AMD GPUs are not supported yet on lightning.gpu. We are working on supporting them though so stay tuned! For now you need the cuQuantum SDK, and it only supports NVIDIA GPUs.

Hi @reinkaos

Thanks for your interest in lightning.gpu. As @CatalinaAlbornoz mentioned, we do have some work under way for AMD GPUs, under the title of lightning.kokkos

However, due to the nature of the tooling, it seems that Polaris-era GPUs (the RX 500 series, GFX8*), will not be natively supported. For a list of fully supported ROCm hardware, please feel free to see here.

For our development, only the GFX9 and newer GPUs will be supported. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.