Is there a way to get quantum circuit execution metrics?


I am looking for a way to get quantum circuit execution metrics like

  • Time spent on QPU
  • Time spent on Classical machine(GPU/CPU)
  • Resource utilization on CPU/GPU( there are other ways we can get this, but would like to know if penny lane provides an easy way to capture during execution)
  • How much time taken for data transfer between quantum/classical machine. This can be significant if Qauntum and Classical machines are not colocated

Thanks for your help.

Hey @QuantumMan :grin:

I think your best bet is to just use time.time() for timing calculations. It can give you time-spent to execute a certain block of code, say.

For resource estimation, we have some some functionality in qml.resource β€” qml.resource β€” PennyLane 0.31.1 documentation β€” that might interest you, but again I think you’re probably after something with different functionality, for which there are external ways of doing.

This might also interest you :point_down:

Let me know if this helps!

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