Imperative Dataflow in QC design?

Hi ᓵᓈᑑ’

I’m a neophyte in your arena, just looking forward to getting my feet wet, I’ve designed a photonic circuit but apart from specifically cancelling outputs from designated junctions interferrometrically, is it possible to set dataflow imperatively as a collimative process?

Any ideas on where to begin and I’m off to the races :slight_smile:

See attached

Hi Aditya_Muralidhar and welcome!

I am a bit confused about your question and that picture with the code poem…Would you mind reformulating the question? What are you trying to achieve?

I guess I was thinking about the metals and ingot exchange in the economic downturn since COVID-19, more important is the FFT transform behind it.

If i’m trying to operate in multi-radix systems I’m going to have a lot of noise and loss waiting on resolution of the field transforms before expecting output to the next routine.

Are you a quantum bot? :slight_smile: