Regarding QML, IBM, strawberryfields, and Google each have their own platforms. At present, people around me recommend that I use IBM to enter the study. Which quantum computer of various companies has better visualization effects and better development of machine learning?

Hi @RX1! Very interesting question.

Each company has their own kind of hardware, and each kind of hardware has advantages and disadvantages. However, besides the hardware it’s very important to consider the software and the resources available to learn and do projects with it.

PennyLane, Qiskit and Cirq all have their pro’s and cons so you can try exploring more than one and seeing how they fit your needs. PennyLane has the advantage that it interfaces with many frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, and it also interfaces with the hardware of different providers. This means that you can create a neural network using PyTorch, add a quantum circuit as if it were a normal node in the network, and then run that circuit on an IBM device, on a simulator, on a Xanadu photonic chip and more.

We make an effort at PennyLane to have an excellent support for our community and we are adding new features all the time which come straight from our research. We also know that other companies are working on other directions too so feel free to explore and let us know what you found!

I’m not sure what you mean by visualization effects so if I missed the question completely please let me know.

I have used IBM and found that it can draw a quantum circuit, and the result is displayed as a probability amplitude, which is more acceptable, but the result of the strawberry field is a kind of spectrum, which is more abstract.

Hi @RX1, if you want something that is easy to compare to IBM I would suggest starting with PennyLane. In PennyLane you can use qml.state to get a similar result as you get in IBM. You can read more about this here.

StrawberryFields on the other hand works very differently. Since it is used specifically for photonic quantum computing, then the gates are different and the measurements are different. If you are interested in photonic quantum computing I would definitely recommend that you watch this video, where you will see how Xanadu’s photonic quantum computers work.

If you want to learn more about Strawberry Fields I would recommend checking out this tutorial on teleportation and the quickstart guides in the docs.

Please let me know if this helped!