H.8.1 - Error "depth"

It seems like there is a problem with line 28. Since this is not a code line we should modify I am not sure how to fix that problem.

Hi @Qimi - thank you for reaching out about this. There is indeed a problem with line 28 due to a previous update in PennyLane. In short, if you change your line 28 to
depth = qml.specs(trotter_k_XandZ)(1, 1, 1, n, optimal_k)['resources'].depth

you should be able to get rid of that error. You can see why in the example here.

We will roll out a fix for this next week (thank you for bringing this to our attention!) :smiley:

You will still need to modify Line 26, but you will able to see the plot which will help you. :muscle:

Hi @DanielNino27, thank you for your suggestion. I changed the code accordingly and I could find the optimal k by executing the code. However, when I submitted the code for the second time (with the modified optimal k in line 26) I got a network error. I have tried it multiple times since then, and it is still not working :confused:

Hi @Qimi ,

I can’t reproduce your error now :thinking:, but it is one that I’ve experienced before, and it is one that we are aware of. The fix on our end will take a while so for now, I’m afraid all I recommend is that you keep trying to submit :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

When I experienced that error, I tried again a few minutes later and it worked for me - it sounds like it is taking longer for you, but if you can try again (maybe you can refresh the page or restart your browser too), please let me know if the error persists or if you can get it to work again.