GBS with Graphs on Borealis

Hello I was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to program a GBS device on Borealis according to a symmetric matrix A and then generating samples from said device? I know this can be done via the strawberry fields sample module however that is a classical simulation of GBS as opposed to actually being implemented on a quantum computer like Borealis.

Hi @Amanuel!

Unfortunately we don’t have a way of programming any symmetric matrix A into Borealis. You only have the option of setting the parameters for the beamsplitters and rotation gates. You can learn more about this in our advanced Borealis tutorial.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

To complement my answer according to a conversation with my colleague Sebastian:

The function graph_embed in SF works such that given a symmetric matrix, it will give you the circuit that would represent that matrix.

However the question that you should ask is the opposite: given a circuit (Borealis) with certain free parameters (beamsplitters and rotation gates), which are the symmetric matrices that can be represented in that circuit?

This is a very interesting research question!

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Thank you for the reply, that would be an interesting research question!

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