Entanglement learning in SF

Hi there,
I am investigating multi-mode states in SF. I came across the N00N-state. And I was wondering, how in the paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/1807.10781.pdf this N=5 state was learned. I looked at the Demo in SF (Quantum neural network — Strawberry Fields) and modified the target state besides setting modes=2. But even with the same parameters (5000 iterations, cutoff_dim=10, 20 layers), I am far away of getting the target state. Is there some detail I am missing? Or is my target-state wrong? Furthermore, I searched for a method to get the wavefunction as well - can SF do this without further ado? Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

target_state = np.zeros([cutoff_dim] * modes)#, dtype=complex)
target_state[N, 0] = 1/np.sqrt(2)
target_state[0, N] = 1/np.sqrt(2)
target_state = tf.constant(target_state, dtype=tf.complex64)
SF version 0.23

Hi @zephir, I’m taking a look at your question let me get back to you as soon as possible.