Discrepancies in Reproducing Vibronic Spectra Graph

Hi, I have followed this demo exactly and tried to reproduce the graph shown for the vibronic spectra, yet it gives the following graph.

I have checked with the appendix of the relevant paper and tried different combinations of the frequencies and Duschinsky matrices but cannot obtain the same graph. I notice the peaks are located similarly but the counts are much different. Can someone advise on how to correct this? The same distribution occurs when using my own data for another molecule also.

import numpy as np
import strawberryfields as sf
from strawberryfields import ops
from strawberryfields.apps import vibronic, plot
import plotly

U_vibronic = np.array([
     [-0.5349105592386603, 0.8382670887228271, 0.10356058421030308, -0.021311662937477004],
     [-0.6795134137271818, -0.4999083619063322, 0.5369830827402383, 0.001522863010877817],
     [-0.4295084785810517, -0.17320833713971984, -0.7062800928050401, 0.5354341876268153],
     [0.2601051345260338, 0.13190447151471643, 0.4495473331653913, 0.8443066531962792]

nr_modes = 8
eng = sf.RemoteEngine("X8")
vibronic_prog = sf.Program(nr_modes)

with vibronic_prog.context as q:
    ops.S2gate(1.0) | (q[0], q[4])

    ops.Interferometer(U_vibronic) | (q[0], q[1], q[2], q[3])
    ops.Interferometer(U_vibronic) | (q[4], q[5], q[6], q[7])

    ops.MeasureFock() | q

vibronic_results = eng.run(vibronic_prog, shots=400000)
vibronic_samples = vibronic_results.samples
vibronic_samples = [list(s) for s in vibronic_samples]

# frequencies of the initial and final normal modes
w = [2979, 1580, 1286, 977]
wp = [2828, 1398, 1227, 855]
energies = vibronic.energies(vibronic_samples, w, wp)
plot.spectrum(energies, xmin=-6000, xmax=6000)


Hi @ReeceOB, thank you for your question. When did you perform this experiment? It can help me investigate the cause for this discrepancy.

Hi @CatalinaAlbornoz

I have just ran this experiment again and received the same result

2024-04-22 16:43:08,917 - INFO - Compiling program for device X8_01 using compiler Xunitary.
2024-04-22 16:43:30,201 - INFO - The remote job 3c438ffd-9a4f-432e-91e6-a3d48508c746 has been completed.

Hi @ReeceOB, thank you for your reply. Let me investigate and get back to you soon on this.

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Hi @ReeceOB,

So it seems that the issue is simply the old age of the system. X8 was first put online in 2019 and its performance has degraded over time. Most of the modes seem to be working well but the last mode seems to have deteriorated a lot in the past couple of months. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like something we can fix in the short term. My recommendation, if you want to do more experiments on X8, would be to try using all of the modes except for the last one if possible.

I hope this helps.