Compile gate model QASM to X8?

I am wondering if there is a method in pennylane or strawberry fields that allows users to compile gate model circuits to the X8 architecture.

For example, pennylane can read in QASM files; is it then possible to supply that circuit to the compiler (e.g. prog2 = prog.compile(device=device) from the documentation)?

I know that the IBMQ gate model devices for instance are different from continuous variable quantum optical devices; but is there a way to compile between the two instruction sets?

Hi @epelofske, thank you for your question!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to compile a gate model circuit into the X8 chip. The X8 chip is not universal so you will have to use gates such as squeezers and displacement gates on this chip.

Please let me know if there’s any other way we can help!

Interesting. What “class” of problems does the X8 architecture support? What I mean is, what problems can be represented by squeezer and displacement gates?

The X8 architecture is very good with problems that can be represented by graphs. This can include optimization problems, finance problems, chemistry problems and more. We hope to publish an example soon in the Xanadu Medium blog so stay tuned.

Other problems such as teleportation can also be solved, as you can see in this tutorial.

Please let me know if this is helpful!