Bug in pennylane 0.24

Hi, i have recently upgraded my pennylane version to 0.24 and i am facing following error when importing it

del ar.autoray._FUNCS["torch", "linalg.eigh"]
KeyError: ('torch', 'linalg.eigh')

i also have it if i install an older version too.
Does someone knows a way around?
best wishes

Hi @Oriel,

Thanks for opening this topic.

Can you please share some more code or explain what you’re looking to do here?

PennyLane works with Autoray 0.3.1 but not with versions 0.2.5 and older.

i am really sorry i was using an old version of pennylane after all. Now it works you can delete this thread.
Thanks so much

Oh I’m glad you got the problem fixed!