AttributeError: 'NpzFile' object has no attribute 'dtype' when running on X8

Hello! I have usually been able to run:

results =, shots=num_shots)


eng = RemoteEngine("X8")

and I would then be able to iterate through results. But now, I get this error for that results line:

AttributeError: 'NpzFile' object has no attribute 'dtype'

Is there something I am not doing correctly on the client side?

Okay the error came from me just not updating to the latest edition of StrawberryFields. Once I did that and changed the config method to the methods highlighted here(, I just used with the terminal command to run within my program), since store_account appears deprecated, my program was working again.

Thanks for the help @nathan!

Hi @Samarth_Sandeep, I’m glad that updating the version of StrawberryFields worked.

Please let us know if you have any other issue in the future!