Attribute Error

module “pennylane” has no attribute template

Hi @vijay_aravind, welcome to the forum!

We removed the template decorator as of version 0.20 of PennyLane. You can now access the templates you need directly from PennyLane (qml). For instance you can do:

qml.AmplitudeEmbedding(features=f, wires=range(num_wires))

Does this answer your question? If not feel free to share the code you’re using and I can help you figure out how to use that specific template.

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Thank you for your kind reply. I send my error page of the program. Kindly, check, this is enough to clarify my doubt. If you need the program to clarify the doubts and clear the errors, I will send you.
Once again I thank you.

@vijay_aravind are you looking for qml.templates? Note the s at the end