Arbitrary Phase added to Ket during Initialisation


I am attempting to initialise a state using the “Ket” operation, however I also noticed that the “Ket” operation initialises the qumode state, but also adds an arbitrary phase. Is there any way to stop the Ket operation from adding an arbitrary phase, and retain the exact state that I input into the system?

Thank you for your help.


Hey @simon.williams, can you attach some code that reproduces this behaviour?

Hello, sorry for my slow reply to this. It seems that this behaviour only happens when I extract a state from a density matrix using some linear algebra routine (I only do this when I know the state is a pure state). This now makes sense, as this will always be correct up to an arbitrary phase. Thank you for your response.

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My pleasure! I didn’t do much to help :sweat_smile: but if you figured out your problem that’s awesome. Write back to us here if you continue to encounter issues!