About angle coding


I want to ask about the angle coding. Is the angle coding that Abbas said really like this? There are two samples and four features here, don’t you apply 4 qubits? Generally, I read the literature with 4 qubits, and then with 4 Hadamard gates and revolving gates.

Hi @RX1!

Encodings are a very interesting topic because they allow us to map our data into quantum circuits. There are many different types of encodings or embeddings, and the one you have here is just an example.

In general, the more gates you have which can receive a parameter (such as rotations), the more “rich” your circuit will be and it will be able to represent more complex models.

So it doesn’t really depend on the number of qubits but on how you map your data into your circuit.

You can learn more about embeddings/encodings here.

Please let me know if this answers your question!