Recurrent Networks?

Hi @josh and @nathan,

Do you have any ideas about how to construct Recurrent Networks?



Hi @cubicgate,

Since PennyLane connects to both PyTorch and TensorFlow, you could use the recurrent network modules of either of those packages to create recurrent networks, and potentially include a quantum element.

Thanks @nathan, I would like to know how to create a quantum recurrent network.

Yes, I understand. You could begin with the RNN modules in either of those two ML libraries, then create a new subclass of these which has a quantum circuit at its heart. If you were to build the RNN by hand, it would be a lot more work. Those libraries will handle the RNN part, and PennyLane can be used for the quantum part

Good idea. Thanks @nathan.

@nathan this sounds very interesting to me. do you know any resources i can refer to build upon this idea ? Thanks !

Hi @vijpandaturtle,

You can check out some PyTorch tutorials related to RNNs here:

For TensorFlow, there are some tutorials here:

Oh no i was looking for resources related to quantum circuits used in rnns

There aren’t any that I know of :smile:

oh i see. thanks anyway !