Is there such a usage for wires

Areg = QuantumRegister(2, ‘reg_1’)
Breg = QuantumRegister(3, ‘reg_2’)
Creg = QuantumRegister(4, ‘reg_3’)
Dreg = QuantumRegister(5, ‘reg_4’)
wires=[Areg ,Breg ,Creg ,Dreg ]
≡wires[Areg [0],Areg [1], Breg [0],Breg [1], Breg [2],…]

Hi @RX1!

In PennyLane we don’t use quantum registers. If this is a Qiskit question it may be better to ask it on the Qiskit Slack! If your question is about how to use Qiskit together with PennyLane then please let me know!