Exact coverage problem

If I have three platforms A, B and C, in which platform A can perform tasks 1 and 2, platform B can perform tasks 3 and platform C can perform tasks 2, how can I write a piece of code to accurately cover all tasks with the least number of platforms? We can find that platforms A and B should be designed and selected, so how should this code be written?
This problem is very similar to max-cut. I tried to solve it with QAOA, but the result was wrong.

Hello @ming !

If I understood it correctly, the problem you described is some sort of optmal job scheduling.

There is a vast literature in the operational research field about how to solve job scheduling problems. If you would like to solve with QAOA in particular, you need to define a proper cost (Ising) Hamiltonian. In this case, I suggest taking a look at this paper, so you can have some reference about how different problems can be mapped into a QUBO formulation, for instance.

I hope this information helps! :slightly_smiling_face: